Countdown Genius Laburda

Countdown Genius Laburda

Inject Scarcity Into Your Emails, Posts, Pages & Widgets!


There are many plugins that allow you to place countdown timers into your WordPress site, BUT NOT LIKE THIS ONE!

You can now place countdown timers in your external autoresponders and also on iframed pages like affiliate and limited time offers… BUY PLUGIN NOW!

In-Depth Statistics
Never be left in the dark about how your countdown timers are performing!Genius at Work
Inject scarcity into marketing campaigns, resulting in more profit for you!Attention Grabber
People react to scarcity and countdown timers add urgency to your offers!Simple to Use
The built-in administration dashboard makes countdown timers simple to create!SCARCITY WORKS…

Seasoned Marketers Use It For Reason!

Scarcity techniques are incredibly powerful and triggers the most stubborn buyers and “forces” them to take action. It is human nature!

The fear of losing an opportunity that can benefit them or their business is something most people cannot resist.

That’s why us “seasoned marketers” do not hesitate to use this powerful marketing technique over and over again. If you have never heard the phrase “he/she can sell sand in the desert”, you will soon be repeating it.

Introducing the WP Countdown Genius Laburda Pro

Get the power to increase sales without breaking the bank!

Have you ever wished there was a simple way to include countdown timers inside your autoresponder marketing emails and not just on sales pages? Of course you have!

With all the current WordPress countdown plugins you must get the prospect to your site. With the WP Countdown Genius Laburda Pro plugin you can place the timer in actual emails.

Very powerful tool…

For years marketers have relied on many strategies such as testimonials, dime sales, etc to exploit buyers sales triggers. These use to work well with quality products but, due to misuse and substandard offers those days are gone.

These days the scarcity method is the biggest conversion tool. Countdown timers work and they work well. This plugin will create some excellent looking timers that can easily be placed in pages, posts and even site widgets.

There is only one problem though…

You must actually get the buyer to your site. I have long wished there was a way to place a visual scarcity inside my marketing emails. After experimenting with a few methods it dawned on me… why can’t I just use the code from my current WordPress plugin? Nightmare time!

There was no simple way to convert my current plugin code to work outside of WordPress sites. It was way over my head and the plugin creator refused to even consider adding the feature. Thank goodness the guy ignored me because I hired a coder and the rest of the story is right on this page.

Works in HTML Email

Use your custom countdown timers in HTML email promotions and autoresponders!

Scarcity Delivered Directly

In the past you had to get email receiver to click, now it can be in their face!

EZ Control Panel

Super simple to use admin control panel and full PDF documentation included.

Top Features I Demanded

With the price of this WordPress plugin, you will be shocked at all the features that are included…


Simple stats layout allows you to see performance quickly

iFrame Pages

iFrame pages with your created countdown timers


Place widgets in posts, pages, sidebars and iframed pages

Email Support

Ability to send countdown timer campaigns in emails…

Time Is Of Essence…

For a limited time you can obtain your copy of this plugin at a very special price. I encourage you to act now before time runs out…

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